Lockdown 2020

August 15, 2020 by sue

In March 2020 there was a nasty virus that was spreading around our world, it was making lots of people very ill. We had to keep our hands clean and we had to be very careful not to catch germs which could make us poorly. We became extra vigilant at pre school and learnt a special hand washing song and hoped we would all be safe.

On the 23rd March we were told by our prime minister that we had to ‘lockdown’ which meant staying at home and not mixing with other people to try and contain the virus.

This meant that pre school had to close – we were all very sad and confused. It felt very strange not being able to see our friends and enjoy all the activities together.

A special Salway Preschool Facebook page was set up where we could all keep in touch if we wanted to and we made some displays that could be seen from outside the car park. We thanked the NHS and key workers for continuing to help us during such a difficult time and for helping to make people better, we painted some rainbows which were a sign of hope and thanks.

We also celebrated Salway Bear’s birthday and preschool’s 25th Anniversary.

Thank you for your contributions of artwork and posts on the Facebook page.