Butterfly group

August 15, 2020 by sue


Coming back to pre school after such a long break due to Coronavirus there have been lots of new things for the children (and staff) to adapt to. All the children in the Butterfly group have adjusted really well to the new routine. Our main focus has been to settle the children by giving them a variety of familiar activities to enjoy and to rekindle their friendships, including turn taking and sharing (PSED: MR, SC&A, MF&B). They all now come in independently, put their name on the board and wash their hands ready to start the day.

For their physical development the first week the children enjoyed the climbing frame indoors (PD:M&H), and last week we had the cars and bikes, both really popular.

We have also had familiar activities such as home corner, books, puzzles, writing/drawing, dinosaurs, cars, farm, trains and duplo.

Our craft activities have focused around the story ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ (literacy: reading); making egg box caterpillars, printing circle caterpillars using toilet roll tubes and sticking circles to make a caterpillar, as well as making caterpillars on a leaf using milk bottle tops (EAD: UM&M, BI) We have taught the children the life cycle of a butterfly through the story and by a craft activity (UW: TW). We have used these activities to help the children count, write numbers or their name. (Maths: number, Literacy: writing). Many of the children have also enjoyed doing butterfly paintings. We also made Father’s Day cards during the first week.

In group time we have been looking at trying to keep our distance. The children each lay on a large piece of paper and we drew round the children. The children decorated the drawings of themselves and we measured 2m between the drawings (UW: TW, Maths: SSM). We have looked at opposite words and played an opposites game and have also been looking at phonics, initial letter sounds and looking at words beginning with the same letter (Literacy: reading). We have looked at the days of the week from the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ story.